Great American Teach In 2016

Recently I volunteered for the Great American Teach In. An art teacher at Bay Point wanted an artist. Someone went googling around to find one, and there I was. My powerpoint was titled ‘Careers In The Arts’. First I talked about what some careers in the arts are – using real examples that would appeal … Read more

Off The Grid – Dry Tortugas

  Last year I discovered the National Park Arts Foundation artist residency on Loggerhead Key. It was too late to get my application ready by the deadline – decided to apply in 2016. Two artists have to LIVE in the lighthouse cottage on Loggerhead Key for 30 days. Pack in all your food and pack … Read more

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

I am lucky enough that my aunt and uncle live in Titusville. My uncle was an electrician for space rockets. They’re retired now. Merritt Island is 15 minutes away from their condo. This week was the week of ‘Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival’. I need to go to that next year. This time of … Read more

Smokey Mountains Trip

I didn’t really want to go. We had this trip scheduled for months in advance. But a few days before I had some devastating events happen to my family and I. But I knew Kyle would never forgive me. I was advised by some very smart people to go. Things weren’t going to be the same when I … Read more

Great Bay Distributors Collection

I am a part of the art collection at the new Great Bay Distributors building in St. Petersburg. The collection represents LOCAL art. I was truly a collaboration between the buyer Jennifer Petrini Lovelady, the seller chad Mize, the framers at ARTicles, and I. I did a small show for Chad in the spring where ... Read more

Human Canvas

Human Canvas was a series I created in 2014. This was my first ‘solo show’ that opened in my artist studio at Bloom Art Center. It was based on the idea of an artist being left alone in a white room, and she loses her mind. Paint themed shoots continued for a short time after … Read more