Featured in ‘STICKS OF FIRE – Tertium Sunistra’

Xina Scuderi
Fisherman Sleeping Off Dorian
Instant Film
Artist Bio:
Xina Scuderi is a self taught fine art photographer native to St. Petersburg, Florida. Surrounded by water for three and a half decades, Scuderi’s body of work embodies the element of water in its natural environment. Scuderi’s work is intimately tied with the orbit of the Earth around her light source – the sun – and weather.


     I check weather reports and satellite imagery throughout the year seeking various weather conditions. I plan travel months in advance based on predictions, but I also enjoy the unpredictable hurricane season.
     ‘Fisherman Sleeping Off Dorian’ is an instant film image I captured during the 2019 hurricane season. I knew big waves were coming as Dorian was churning out in the Atlantic. I ventured to one of my favorite spots Sebastian Inlet. I carry a DSLR camera for my collection of Waterscapes, but I try to always carry the Instax for those special one of a kind moments that warrant that one of a kind medium.

     When I arrived around 11 am there were about 5 Hispanic fisherman sleeping in full storm gear with huge 10 foot waves smashing on top of them. I got in position and waited for a smasher. The crowd was watching me watching them waiting for a wave. That wave came and was so big one man opened his eyes and noticed me soaked in wave water with this camera, watching them, and the film popping out. He woke up his friends. I tried to wait to see if they would go back to sleep to take another shot. I was there for about an hour. They didn’t look like they wanted their picture taken and was too late in the day for them to continue sleeping. Just one shot, one Florida moment, captured on film.