SHINE Mural Festival Artist Feature for ‘Corner Canvas’

It was a delightful surprise when I learned I was chosen to be featured in ‘Corner Canvas’ for SHINE Mural Festival. Totally unexpected – invitation only. Bank of the Ozarks sponsors this project with SHINE beautifying the downtown area of St. Petersburg. A group of artists are asked to showcase digital images on vinyl wrapped electric boxes.

We talked about it back and forth for a few days. We decided to go with macro flowers. I have a million flower photographs, so then we had to decide what 4 flowers to choose. We chose all 4 Florida photographs. So hard to pick! Prickly Poppy, Pickerel Weed, Roadside Phlox, and Water Hyacinth. My electric box is on the NE corner of Williams Park.

Technically my photography is featured twice for ‘Corner Canvas’. Proud to be artist Nathan Beard’s photographer!